A Massachusetts accent is pretty obvious and now the MassDOT is embracing the accent in new safety signs on state highways.

Just yesterday I saw a couple of the new safety messages while driving down 195-E to come to work. They caught me by surprise and kinda cracked me up.

Apparently back in June the MassDOT kicked off a contest called DOTSpeak where they asked residents to come up with safety slogans written like a true local would actually say it. What people came up with was great!

I think my favorite was "Use Yah Blinkah" I mean you can just hear people in their cars shouting that to the guy in front of them that just cut them off without signaling, right?

Associated Press

The other one I've seen already told people to "Make Yah Ma Proud, Wear Yah Seatbelt.”

And though I haven't seen it yet, I'm kinda looking forward to it in a weird way is "Put Down the Phone. Your LOLs and OMGs Can Wait."

Those along with "Keep Calm and Drive On" were winners in the MassDOT contest, but there were some very funny submissions that didn't make the cut too. Check those out below.