When you stuff ice cream inside of a donut, something magical happens.

These magical treats are called "Co-Nuts" and only one local cupcakery makes them. AJ's Cupcakery in Acushnet is the home of these donut cones and quite frankly, it's a rather genius idea.

Not only are these Co-Nuts revolutionary, but they will be teaming up with Country Whip Inc, who will be providing the soft serve ice cream (of your choice) for a one day limited time event.

Saturday, July 22nd, you can purchase one of these delicious creations from 11:00 AM-10:00 PM for a measly $7.99 at 1173 Main street in Acushnet, but supply will be limited. Choose your soft serve flavor of choice, fill the Co-Nut and devour!

Facebook.com/ Country Whip Inc
Facebook.com/ Country Whip Inc