When we think of a "tourist trap," what usually comes to mind is a place that's been hyped, but turns out to be a let down.  According to cheapism.com, here are the tourist traps located in New England that might leave you disappointed.

MASSACHUSETTS:  Salem (the entire town).  The website says due to the number of odd museums, ghost tours and other "attractions" almost anything you'd choose to do in Salem will be overpriced.

RHODE ISLAND:  The Big Blue Bug.  It's advised not to make a special trip to Providence just to see the 58 foot termite.  I think few of us have.

CONNECTICUT:  The Pez Visitor Center.  Cheapism advises tourists to avoid this self-guided tour and gift shop.

Many of have been to Salem.  I found it interesting.  And of course we've seen the Big Blue Bug.  I would guess that those who have visited the Pez center are very few.

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