Howland Place owner Kevin Welch remembers being a teenager and walking the high-end outlet mall back in the 1980s. He was with his girlfriend at the time, who later became his wife. He told me that he wanted to buy something from the Calvin Klein store but just couldn't afford it.

"Now," Welch humbly joked, "I own the whole building."

Today, the walls of Howland Place in New Bedford are adorned by scenes from its retail past, but many savvy business owners are recognizing the building for what it is – a hidden gem for a small business location.

You'd be hard-pressed to find a center for business in New Bedford with more safe, readily available parking for employees and clients alike. The exterior of the facility is constantly monitored by a smart security system that keys on any movement and zooms in for a close-up look.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

Inside, you will find a wide-open common area with oversized hallways and staircases that are beneficial during a time that social distancing is so important.

Michael Rock/Townsquare Media

The same can be said for the available workspaces in the building. With a long term leasing commitment, management will customize your workspace to suit your business. Many local business owners are liking the idea of the social distancing options that a workspace inside Howland Place can present.

Here's an area of the building that I think might be a great shared space for medical practices. It could be shared by a number of different specialists with a reception area and exam rooms.

Take a look at this brick office space with exposed beams and a water view. It's perfect for a single attorney looking for a law office, and it's only $800 a month.

The former Avalon Medical Spa location inside Howland Place could be a great location for your business.

Can you picture your business here at Howland Place? Call Kevin Welch at (781) 760-4062.