It was definitely a memorable delivery for a new mom in New Bedford.

ABC 6 reports that there were a couple of surprise deliveries in New Bedford this weekend.

Paramedics Mitchell Gauvin and Ivan Brody tell the news station that they received a call on Saturday of a woman in labor at her home. Due to the icy road conditions, they arrived a little late and police and fire crews had already helped with a successful delivery.

They say their job was then to simply drive the mother and newborn to the hospital. But it wasn't that simple.

Apparently the woman was having twins and before the ambulance could reach the hospital in the snowy Saturday conditions, she began going into labor again.

The paramedics did some quick thinking and managed to deliver the second child in the back of the ambulance as it was rolling into the hospital parking lot.

Both new babies and their mother then made it into hospital safely and the paramedics say the call "came out great."