There's no doubt about it, New Bedford is the most interesting city on the SouthCoast. Every day it seems as though something weird or strange is lurking all around, but this story tops the cake.

Early on Tuesday, a photographer from EverClear Studios in New Bedford was taking a stroll down in the South End of the city when he noticed something odd with an abandoned house with shattered and cracked windows. People gathering noticed it too and the second he realized what everyone was staring at, he immediately ran home to grab his camera.

"I was out walking my dogs and I noticed a couple of people pointing up at the windows and that’s when I noticed those demon eagles," the photographer said. "So I ran home and grabbed my camera cause we never see them around here. I wonder if this counts as my first attempt at wildlife photography."

I'm no expert, but I'd say yes.

He zoomed in and took some closeups of what appears to be a turkey vulture chilling on a window frame and watching over everyone. Something you don't normally see in the city, and also something you don't want to see, period.

Man, talk about creepy.

The abandoned house on Crapo Street is nothing less than eerie to begin with, so it doesn't help when you have a nesting vulture (or whatever it is) camped out and "people watching" from up above.

I'm sorry, but it's a strong no for me, dawg. Props to EverClear Photography, though, for these incredible close-up shots that are clearly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Courtesy of EverClear Studios
Courtesy of EverClear Studios
Courtesy of EverClear Studios
Courtesy of EverClear Studios

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