A former New Bedford police officer recently got to meet a young girl whose life he saved years ago and this is just the feel good story we need right now.

\Nathan Monteiro is now a Massachusetts State Police officer but that hasn't stopped him from staying close to his roots here on the SouthCoast.

Recently, the city police department met a young lady by the name of Amiyah. She shared that her dream was to become a police officer. Her reason, however, is what brings this story full circle.

Amiyah almost didn't make it out of her mother's womb. It was the heroic actions of Monterio that saved her life.

Amiyah's umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck, Monteiro was able to safely move the cord, saving Amiyah's life.

After Amiyah relayed her story, officers asked if she knew the name of the officer.

Amiyah’s grandmother showed officers a news article that mentioned the heroic actions of the officer His name, the article noted, was Nathan Monteiro.

Hearing that piece of information was a “wow” moment for the troopers listening to the family that day. That’s because they realized that the officer in question had since joined the Massachusetts State Police.

Monteiro works in the Massachusetts State Police Recruitment and Diversity Unit, which means he is heavily involved in making connections with the people in the community.

One of the local troopers happened to have Monteiro's contact info and called him to tell him about his interaction with Amiyah.

Amiyah, now 9, was attending her church family day when she finally got to meet the officer who saved her life. The whole experience has inspired her to want to work in law enforcement as well.

Check out this tear-jerker of a video posted to the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page:

Not a dry eye to be seen and, yes, this was the first time Amiyah met her hero -- aside from the first encounter at her birth -- and she is now more determined than ever to pursue her dream.

So sweet and so genuine.

There you have it. A feel-good story that you didn't know you needed today.

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