Krystal Fernandes wants you to meet the courageous Jasper.

This humorous tale, written in rhyme, takes you through the mind of a young child who believes that he is courageous despite all the silly, strange, and even down right outrageous things he fears. It helps to teach children that people can be afraid of anything and that it is okay. This story brings to life the reality of fears and makes the reader laugh along the way. -

Fernandes explains her inspiration for the book came from her own experiences as a kid. "The story line came about because as a child I had severe anxiety, so I was afraid of everything! My mother would always tell me the things I was afraid of was "nothing" and "ridiculous". Of course, as I became an adult, I could see her point of view. However, everyone has something they are afraid of. There isn't one person that can say that nothing frightens them. I am still afraid of being alone in the dark!"

Krystal Fernandes
Krystal Fernandes

"I decided to put a humorous twist on the reality of fears so children realize that you can be afraid of anything and there is never a "right" or "wrong" thing to be afraid of. You feel the way you feel and that's okay. I also wanted to add a touch of humor because I know, being a parent myself, that I want to enjoy the book I am reading to my children just as much as they do. My story about Jasper allows children and parents to laugh together, but also opens the lines of communication to encourage them to talk to one another about fears they may have."

Right now, Jasper the Bold(ish) is available in paperback online from Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Her first book reading will be at the New Bedford Library in Downtown during Story Hour on September 8 at 11 am.

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