Man’s best friend has become art’s best friend, thanks to a new project by the New Bedford Art Museum.

Let me introduce you to Museum Dog and his best friends, Creative Canine and Bark Ranger, the stars of the show that brings viewers the beauty of art in everyday life.

The New Bedford Art Museum and the New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park launched a YouTube Series in March called “Museum Dog!” As described on their website, the series highlights artists and exhibitions at the museum and around the city of New Bedford. Museum Dog, an adorable Labrador Retriever, teams up with his furry pals to “introduce viewers to elements and principles of design such as texture or color.”

New Bedford Art Museum/YouTube

Each episode focuses on an element or principle and encourages the viewer to play along by identifying the element presented by the pups and apply them at home with their own materials.

Their latest episode entitled “Pattern!” takes viewers to the Zeiterion Theatre to explore all of its unique patterns.

“Patterns are made up of shapes that are repeated,” explains Museum Dog, as he points out the different patterns, like the identical rows of theatre seats and the intricate swirls of the wallpaper. It’s the perfect interactive show for young children.

In the description of each video, there is an activity sheet that can be easily downloaded for children to apply what they have just learned in the episode.

New Bedford Art Museum via

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