It's that time of year again, when people strive to be more giving, more friendly, more neighborly, and try to love one another.

Drive-thru windows have become a common location to do things like "pay it forward," where strangers pay for each other's orders as a random act of kindness.

Occasionally, people will share their "pay it forward" stories on their social media accounts.  While it's nice to see, it is a little predictable.

We thought it might be entertaining to go to a New Bedford drive-thru and try to get a "pay it backward" going. We weren't really sure how it would work, but we guessed it would start with us ordering a bunch of food, getting it, then pointing to the car behind us suggesting that they pick up the tab as a "pay it backward" feel-good move.

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We went to the Honey Dew on Coggeshall Street New Bedford, huddled up in the parking lot and made a plan. I went through the drive-thru first, ordering a linguica breakfast sandwich that the server recommended, a half-dozen donuts and an iced coffee.

Gazelle was in his car behind me and just ordered a medium coffee.

Then, the good part came. I pulled up to the window and tried to "pay it backward."

The results were as confusing as we had hoped and we almost got arrested, which is always fun. Take a look at the video and watch Gazelle and I try to "pay it backward." We don't suggest trying this on your own.

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