Oh, Craigslist.... You always seem to amaze me.

While searching through the classy folders of 'Southcoast Missed Connections', I came across this juicy little piece of entertainment.

Under the category of Women seeking Men (because to some, this is sometimes a rare occasion), I found an interesting add that was the complete OPPOSITE of what people use the  "Missed Connections" forum for. It read as follows:

Craigslist/Southcoast Personals
Craigslist/Southcoast Personals

Ummmm...... What???

In all honesty, I have ZERO idea of how this story ends, but if I could add my own "two-cents" to this dark mystery, it would read like this:

[First off, let's "pretend" that the "Black Widow's" name is Scarlett and SD (initials i'm assuming) is Stan Dawson. Before further reading, please make note that the story that's about to unfold is 100% FAKE NEWS.]

One day, Scarlett A.K.A. Black Widow received a notification on her Tinder. A message was waiting in her Inbox from a guy named Stan Dawson. She found him quite irresistible and upon initial conversation, she agreed to a date with Mr. Dawson.

*Skipping Ahead*

Years have gone by and Scarlett's relationship with Stan was quite rocky. He acted pretty shady towards her and suspicion of a "side-chick" unfolded in her mind. After all, past problems have complicated her trust for him after finding a pair of his pants at her friend Chelsea's house.

It wasn't long after the first offense of a pant-less situation had occurred when she caught him in the act... AGAIN! This was the same day Gazelle had an itching hunger for some Gary's Best Hot Dogs and long and behold.... discovered this scandalous note:


Moral of the story = Stan never learned. His forgetful acts of leaving his own pants behind sparked the vendetta of the "Black Widow".

My final thoughts and message to this mysterious "SD".... God-speed, Foolish man. God-speed.

That being said, have some fun with this post and tell us what YOU think happened between these two. Submit your story and we just might tell it LIVE!

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