How far would you go to get your mom that perfect gift in time for Mother's Day?

I made the decision this past week to buy my mom a personalized gift for Mother's Day.  It is a custom-made pillow with our family's first names embroidered on the pillowcase.

The perfect gift to make her shed a tear. Or so I thought.

Ordering it 10 days before Mother's Day, I made the commitment to spend more money on shipping than the price of the actual gift. I spent $35 solely on expedited shipping, to guarantee that it arrived in time.

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Imagine my disappointment when the day before Mother's Day, patiently waiting at my door for the Amazon van, nobody came.

I was a little salty.

Now, after thinking that Mother's Day was all set, I had to venture out on Saturday night to start shopping for a gift that was probably not going to be as thoughtful.  It was not a good feeling.

After complaining about it on the air Monday morning, I found out I wasn't the only one who experienced that this weekend. A listener had also bought a custom pillow for her mom, then overpaid for expedited shipping, only to have a no-show. She also had to scramble to find a replacement gift for her mom on Saturday night.

I messaged the company on Amazon and got a quick response this morning. The company is reimbursing me the $35 in shipping and discounting the pillow 20%.

Honestly, I feel like this is a win.

I'll tuck the pillow away until my mom's birthday in July. I'm actually kind of happy it happened.

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