It only happens twice a year and honestly, I forgot until my co-workers reminded me.

Usually, I am on point when it comes to knowing about all things Brahmin Tent Sale but I hate to admit, I nearly forgot until some of my co-workers reminded me.

Christine Fox/Townsquare Media

I drive by the Brahmin grounds on Alden Road in Fairhaven a half a dozen times a day and you'd think I would have seen the prep work going on but nope. It wasn't until I got a text message from Gazelle asking me if I would be attending the tent sale this coming weekend.

Christine Fox/Townsquare Media

The twice-yearly Brahmin Tent Sale has become quite an event over the years and is one of the most attended here on the SouthCoast. I have to say, the fall tent sale is perfect timing for the upcoming holidays. Say you don't really want or need to buy something for yourself; you can still get excited about a new purchase for someone special in your life. Hit one of your favorite Fairhaven restaurants with a few friends and make it an afternoon out with the ladies!


It's not just me that gets excited over the Brahim products. My friend Michelle, for example, has three Brahim bags that she's owned for well over 10 years.

Is it strange to get so excited by this sale? Well, you might think so, but think about this way: if a young child sees a circus tent pop up in a field near their house, they get excited thinking about what's coming to town. When I see a tent, I feel the same way – it's just a different kind of circus under this tent!