The relationship Super Bowl is coming up in a couple of weeks. Whether you have been dating someone for a week or married for 20 years, it's important to play Valentine's Day just right. You don't want to overplay it, or, maybe even worse, underplay it.

As the big day quickly approaches, many people will be looking for romantic places to go, especially next weekend. It may surprise you to find out that Massachusetts is ranked among the Top 10 most romantic states in America.

In fact, according to WalletHub, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts ranks seventh in the country for "romance and fun." The site measures the number of restaurants, attractions, nature parks, movie theaters, bars per capita. It also takes into account the safety level for online dating.

It's funny to think of Massachusetts as a particularly romantic location, but I guess you've got the Cape, the Islands, and all the action of Boston. Summer walks on the beach can turn into winter drives along Route 6A for that romantic feel.

Our dining options are also, without a doubt, some of the best in the nation. The state ranks in the Top 10 for dating opportunities according to the data, but plummets when you factor in finances. Comparatively speaking, it costs a lot more to go to dinner and a movie here in Massachusetts than most other places in the country, and the higher wages we see in the state don't make up for the disparity.

Aside from the money, however, Massachusetts is one of the best places to be single in all of America.

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