Helping others out - It's what community policing is all about, and it's exactly what the Massachusetts State Police proved they're all about when they came together with other state police departments across the Northeast to provide a much-needed bright spot for a young girl in need.

Troopers with the MSP teamed up with the New Hampshire and Connecticut State Police Departments over the holiday weekend for Operation Easter Basket, with the goal of delivering a bunch of goodies to a young girl grieving two immense losses. According to the MSP, the girl's mother died unexpectedly in her sleep a little more than a year and a half ago. Then, in February of this year, the girl and her father were involved in a serious crash that ultimately killed him.

It's impossible to imagine the amount of grief involved with losing both parents at such a young age.

After catching wind of the girl's story, troopers from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Connecticut converged in Enfield, Connecticut, bearing gifts. Officers from the Connecticut State Police then delivered the goodies to the young girl, who now lives in Windsor with her grandparents.

Massachusetts State Police

Among the many surprises in her Easter basket, the New Hampshire State Police placed an iPad, made possible by donations of more than $1,000. And while these gifts certainly won't make up for the immense loss in this young girl's life, they can serve as a reminder that all of New England is thinking of her and stands behind her during this difficult time.

It just goes to show that New Englanders can accomplish truly amazing things, especially when we put our heads together!

Massachusetts State Police

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