My goal by the end of this article is to convince people to stop blowing their grass into the road.

If you're driving in your vehicle and pass over grass clippings, it's not going to do much to effect the driver's stability. However, now that it's nice outside and more motorcycles and bicycles are out on the roads, they're now subject to the obstacles of the road such as sticks, rocks and, yes, grass clippings.

Let me paint the scenario for you.

It's Sunday morning and Mr. Pacheco is getting an early start on his lawn. The morning dew is still clinging onto the grass blades, increasing the slickness of the freshly-cut grass. Mr. Pacheco works on his property line by the road, blowing the cuttings onto the pavement, completely unaware that Johnny Hammersticks is hammering down the road on his Harley Davidson Fat Boy.

Johnny sees the grass in the road, but doesn't have enough time to react and hits the patch dead-on, causing his hog to spin out of control as if it were skidding across a greasy floor.

Now we have ourselves a little situation between Mr. Pacheco and Mr. Hammersitcks.

Perhaps Mr. Pacheco was unaware that something so innocent and simple could cause that much damage, and that's the whole point of this story. It's not illegal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to blow your grass clippings into the road; it's more of a gentlemen's rule per se. In other words, it's plain old common courtesy. If you accidentally get grass in the road, carefully sweep it off to the side.

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I'm noticing a lot of situations locally online that are involving motorcycle and bicycle accidents from wiping out on grass clippings that got flung into the road. If it's something that you never would have considered, hopefully this changes your mind – it just might save a life, too.

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