Fun 107 just had the most unorthodox and amazing interview of a lifetime.

Today, we invited world famous DJ Marshmello to our radio station for an interview. Now, for those of you who know who he is already know that he's a bit of a "mute" ... he does not talk. He can, he just chooses not to, to keep up the mystery.

So how does one get a silent DJ to speak for an interview? Answer: technology!

We set up Marshmello with a computerized voice-generator that allowed him to type his answers and as he finished his thought, the speakers would relay back his words.

Between Michael Rock, Abby, and myself, we came up with a collaborative list of questions that we thought the world should know the answers to, all pertaining to Marshmello himself. From influential idols to the impact he's made on the world of music and EDM, he humbly answered everything we threw his way.

Ever wonder why he doesn't speak at all or how he deals with success on a daily basis? Check out the video above where you can actually "listen" to what Marshmello had on his mind.

Needless to say, I'm pretty positive we can all agree that when it comes to living life "mello"... Marshmello sets the bar pretty high.

Marshmello Visits Fun 107

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