It was an accident that luckily happened in the right place at the right time this afternoon in New Bedford.

The Standard Times is reporting that a man fell into the water near State Pier earlier this afternoon, only to be saved almost immediately by a New Bedford police officer.

Though the man remains unidentified, police say it was Officer Mike Cassidy that went into the water after him and helped pull the man to safety.

Cassidy sounded pretty casual about the rescue, telling the Times

I went in the water, held on to the life ring, grabbed him, held him above the water. No big deal."

I'm sure it was a big deal to the man as that water still has to be extremely cold.

Lucky for him though at the time of his fall several departments, including New Bedford's police and fire departments, were participating in a training exercise at State Pier. He was able to be pulled onto a New Bedford Police Department boat and ushered to an ambulance once back on shore.

The man was described as "conscious and alert" when he was pulled from the water.