In the current technology-dominate climate, having your business supported on the web, on every social media channel, and adding clients to your database is a must. 

social media concept
Galina Peshkova

It's no secret that most businesses rely on social media - from dentists to interior designers, your social media presence can play a huge role in the overall success of your business. It's also the area some people have trouble gaining traction, "likes", fans and positive reviews.

How can our contesting and social sweeps programs help?  If you sponsor a contest, like a concert ticket giveaway or a cash giveaway. All contest entrants have to click on "entry multipliers" on for their chance to win. When you are a sponsor of a contest, we use your businesses social links as entry multipliers.

These multipliers can be links to your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, website, menu, newsletter sign-up page, or any other link to your business that you'd like.

On average, we have hundreds of entrants to each contest - sometimes thousands. Think of the exposure your social channels could get with those clicks!

Check out the example below of a contest sponsored by Diane Lopes:


If you are interested in social sweeps or sponsoring a contest, contact your sales rep or call 508-999-6690 today! 

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