Kids across the globe are making rainbows for their windows and here's why.

Being without friends and school is definitely a difficult adjustment for kids. They are in general more social than adults if you ask me, and certainly need a lot more activity than most adults, too.

So how do you keep the youngest of those affected by the international shutdowns motivated day after day?

Apparently it's rainbows.

Who doesn't love a rainbow? They are bright, colorful arcs of happiness. And that is just why kids everywhere are putting them up in their windows.

So get on board with your kids.

It's so simple to do, too. Any kid or adult can do it.

Just get some paper and your favorite way to draw. Markers, crayons, colored pencils – they all work just fine.

Make as big a rainbow as you want. Fill your whole darn window, why don't you? The bigger the artwork, the bigger the smiles it will illicit.

And that is the goal, to make people smile.

These are trying times for sure. You have to stay home, many people are out of work, you're trying to teach your kids things you haven't thought about in decades and you are still searching for more toilet paper.

You need a rainbow. A little something to brighten your day.

So make a rainbow, put it up in your window and spread a little joy and a little hope to those around you.

The movement has been taking off globally, but let's make it more local.

Why not take your art supplies out today and make a rainbow for those struggling through social distancing here on the SouthCoast?

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