Donovan Burgo won Fun 107's Little Big League contest and had quite a big day at Fenway on Saturday.

Donovan plays catcher for the Century House team in the Fairhaven/Acushnet Youth Baseball League. He was  ProGroup Contracting's guest of honor on Saturday for a VIP Fenway Park experience during the Yankees vs. Red Sox game.

It was a FULL day. First of all, I can see why he's such a good baseball player. I got to chat with Donovan a little bit on the way in, and he told me his favorite player ever is Ken Griffey, Jr. GREAT choice. It's funny that a 12-year-old would love Ken Griffey, Jr., because Griffey is a little before his time. Donovan was sure to let me know that he had been studying Griffey's swing and how he played. I'm telling you right now, this kid knew more about Griffey's swing than I know about anything, ever.

As soon as we got to the park we went straight down to the field, where Donovan got himself a quick autograph on his shirt from Hector Velazquez. After that, we got a little history lesson in the stands and then went straight to the Green Monster! The entire time I was genuinely amazed by how much Donovan knew about not just the Red Sox but baseball in general.

After an amazing lunch, it was down to the Jim Beam dugout to watch the game from essentially field level right, next to the Red Sox dugout. Donovan grabbed some high fives from players and coaches, and I obnoxiously yelled at the first base umpire for about seven of the nine nnings.

It was a great day for a great young man, and mark my words, we'll be seeing Donovan doing big things on the baseball diamond real soon!


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