"The Little Mermaid" is by far one of the most legendary Disney films of all time, and over the weekend we lost the legendary voice of Ursula on Cape Cod.

I highly doubt I'm the only person who can say they have seen "The Little Mermaid" at least a half-dozen times in my life. The animated movie was and still is a childhood must-watch.

There is no denying the power of the voices of some of my favorite characters such as Sebastian and, yes, the evil Ursula, who stole Ariel's voice.

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It's hard to believe that right down the road on Cape Cod lived one of Disney's most memorable villains and absolutely one of my favorite characters.

Pat Caroll, who passed away Saturday at 95 from pneumonia, was originally from Louisiana but has resided on the Cape for several decades.

I'm pretty sure "The Little Mermaid" was used to keep me busy as a young one. I can vaguely remember being given my favorite candy, some popcorn and some fruit punch and being sat in front of the television to watch this classic for hours.

Even without hearing the evil laugh of Ursula for years now, I can play it back in my mind. Carroll, pictured with Ariel voice actress Jodi Benson, had an undeniable voice that I think 9 out of 10 people would be able to recognize anywhere.

No better legacy to leave than that of some truly great memories and the unforgettable showstopper "Poor Unfortunate Souls," which will play back for generations to come.

Looks like I'll be having a movie night watching "The Little Mermaid"  this week in honor of our neighbor, Pat Carroll, our Forever Ursula.

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