Lady Gaga rocked at least a dozen different hair and makeup looks and outfits in her frenetic, totally awesome video for 'Applause.'

She performs inside a top hat; with faux wings attached to her back; with a horse's tail affixed to her rump; with a pair of hands for a bra; and as a gamine-like swan. Gaga even channeled the Joan Jett look from her days as a starving artist on the Lower East Side in 'Applause.' She was even a Botticelli babe.

Ma Monster takes multiple forms and transforms several times throughout the clip, with each look more stunning than the next.

But more important, she dances as though she never sustained a hip injury, proving the point that Mother Monster is BACK!

We lost count of the variety of looks but we got the point -- 'ARTPOP' and its songs are as visual as they are auditory.