We've obviously had a pretty challenging week here at Fun 107. We've lost two Fun 107 legends—former General Manager Gail Leblanc and J.R.

Throughout the week, I've been on the phone with J.R.'s brother, John, repeatedly as he's had to make plans for his arrangements.

Every time I've talked with John, it's given me goosebumps how much he's sounded like J.R.  It actually goes beyond that. His mannerisms and his speech patterns are also SPOT ON. John bears a strong resemblance to J.R. circa 2005 (his pre-Dr. Leonard days).

Hearing J.R.'s brother's voice actually brought me real comfort this week as we've been grieving. His voice brought me so much comfort that I decided to ask John to come on the morning show today to let the listeners hear how much he sounded like J.R.

John agreed, and came in this morning to hang out with us for a few minutes.

John talked to us about the plans for a memorial service next month for J.R.

He joked with us telling us to give him a call if we ever needed anyone to pinch hit.

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