It happened again on Jeopardy! A couple of months ago the judges on Jeopardy were criticized for ruling that during a 'kids' edition of the show one of the answers was marked wrong because one of the contestants put an extra 'T' in a word.  

This time during a regular version of the show a contestant is told he is wrong for the way he pronounced the name Elaine.  The clue was 'Seinfeld; Julia Louis-Dreyfus' the contestant answered  "Who is Elaine?," but he was ruled incorrect. Another contestant then answered, "Who is Benes?" -- which is the character's last name -- and the judges accepted the answer, after which Trebek explained to Cortes, "It was EE-laine, not UH-laine.  Watch the video, I can't tell the difference between EE-laine, and UH-laine.

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