The Maine Coon cat is such a unique animal and a great pet!

According to the Maine State Government website, the Maine Coon is regarded as a native of Maine. They are very distinctive, and their breeding means these cats can deal with Maine winters with no problems.

Portraits of Maine Coon Cats
Robert Sijka, Felis Gallery (used with permission)

Everything about the Maine Coon points to adjusting to cold wet winters. Its heavy, glossy, and water-resistant coat is like that of no other breed. You have to snuggle with one to really understand. The ears are furry inside and out, and their big, round, tufted feet are like snow shoes! Even their meow is distinctive.

*Um, usually I have clothes on when I pet my cat, but to each their own*

Maine Coon cats are tall, muscular, big-boned cats, and don't actually reach their full size until they are three to five years old. That's what makes this video so fun. You see how she starts with the little kitty in the palm of her hand, but it's around day 17 that it gets hard to do that. Eventually, she has to put the cat down for the next pictures.

Watch a Maine Coon cat age 230 days in just five seconds!

If you have a Maine Coon, you know they are very sociable cats. They're nicknamed "gentle giants". Furryfritz hinted that another video may be coming in about six months, where we can watch even more progression.

Do you have a Maine Coon cat? This is just another reason why Maine is such a cool state. Even our cats are cool.

55 Pictures of Awesome Maine Coon Cats


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