A song that took the world by storm was 'Call me Maybe' by Carly Rae Jepsen. Once it got introduced to you, it was stuck with, forever.

You know 'Call Me Maybe', and does everyone you know. This gem of a song was catchy enough for even your Grandmother to get into.The question now; is this one of the greatest pop songs ever? How does it stack up against some of the greats?

This song was so powerful that everyone wanted something to do with it. So began the lip dubs, and man were there a lot of them. These days, if someone is doing a YouTube lip dub of your song, it's a sure sign that you've made it. It seemed like there was a new viral lip dub every week with this one. The President even got in on the action!

Miami Dolphins Cheerleader Lip Dub

USA Swim Team

United States Military

President Obama Singing