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After years of discussions, debates, and votes, there is finally progress being made at the Old Rochester Regional High School athletic fields.

Out of all of the athletic facilities in the region, Old Rochester's has been in some of the most disrepair for quite some time, to the point that opposing coaches have protested that the fields are too dangerous for their athletes to play on.

The improvements are minor compared to 2019's multimillion-dollar proposal that would have installed artificial turf at the facility and replaced the aging track. While approved in Marion and Mattapoisett, the Restore ORR initiative was stopped last summer when Rochester voters cooled to the idea that would have raised taxes in the Tri-Town region.

Field renovations began yesterday to repair and replace the infield inside the ORR track. A Bobcat was seen today moving earth to begin the process of relocating the existing long jump pits, then surfacing, regrading, and hydroseeding the field. Funds have also been set aside to install a new sprinkler system on the field.

Old Rochester Regional High School Booster Club via Facebook

The project is a joint effort that will use some of the funds raised by the high school's booster club and T.U.R.F., an organization dedicated to improving the quality of ORR's athletic fields.

While traditionally used as the football team's practice field, the new and improved field is expected to be used by the field hockey team next fall. The football team is expected to practice on the fields located behind the track.

One positive to the COVID-19 pandemic is that ORR's game field looked greener and healthier than it has in years due to the fact that it has received no use in over six months.

Old Rochester Regional High School Booster Club via Facebook

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