Everyone says it, almost every time they go to the movies...tickets have gotten expensive! So how can you still see all the movies you want to without spending tons of money you don't? These money savings tips are here to help!

The average price for a movie ticket has jumped up to $8.33 according to the National Association of Theater Owners, though that seems reasonable compared to what we typically pay around here.

Still summer blockbusters tend to raise movie prices across the board, prompting Money Magazine to come up with some surefire ways to save on your next movie night.

  • Arkadi BojarÅ¡inov

    Join a Club

    Lots of the big chain theaters offer loyalty programs that offer their members discounted (and sometimes even free) tickets and snacks. If you go to the movies on a regular basis, these are a great way to save on what you see.

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    Buy in Bulk

    This doesn't mean you have to bring 20 of your closest friends to the movie theater, but some places will let you buy a bunch of generic passes to use over the course of a few weeks. Make sure you read any fine print on these however, many include expiration dates or are only good for certain screenings.

  • paulprescott72

    Shop Wholesale

    Having a membership to Sam's Clubs can save on more than just food and toiletries. Sometimes the chain will have discount ticket packages too. A membership to AAA is good for this too. They always allow members to buy tickets to certain theaters at a discounted rate.

  • Laurent davoust

    Check Your Credit Card

    They say Visa is everywhere you want to be and if you want to be at the movies that is true! Visa offers customers a deal through Fandago that gets you two-for-one tickets on Friday nights. Or you can shop with other cards that offer cash back deals on certain purchases and save that way.

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    Daily Deal Sites

    Great half price deals are everywhere! And sometimes you can snag a deal that offers you discounted movie tickets or snacks. You may even be able to buy these in bulk to save on several movies in a row.