Hopefully, your date night for Valentine's Day is a relaxing evening with the love of your life. For some, it's the first real date night in a while, so you've got to make it worthwhile.

Before I share with you my not-so-great date night, I have to give the bonehead award to this guy from Rhode Island who gave a girl what has to be the worst first date in the history of dating.

His name is Christopher Castillo and he was looking for love, or at least his date that he met on a dating app thought he was.

CNN reported that Christopher had his date pick him up at his house in Rhode Island then proceeded to rob a bank and use his date at the getaway driver. How romantic, right?

My first Valentine's date night isn't really illegal but it should be. We had met before through mutual friends and thought, why not? We went on a date on Valentine's Day. At first, everything was cool. The casual conversation led us to talk about our passion for music. Now, I will never say I know it all; I will, however, say I know my industry and I can be pretty stubborn if I know I'm right. I reassure that I'm right and won't back down. I'll go as far as to even Google to prove my point. You can see how this date was going south fast.

I was mortified at some of the truly mean things that were being said to me, offensive stuff and name-calling. It escalated really quickly because we were both so passionate about what we were talking about. Needless to say, I ended up asking for the check and became so upset I left and made him pay for it. I didn't feel bad. He was being so disrespectful he should have expected it.

PS: I never walk out on the check, EVER!

So I'm hoping your date night is better. I would love to hear any of your horrendous date night stories. Yes, I want all the juicy details.

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