In a world full of plastic, there's a chain that's been doing a great job reducing its carbon footprint.

Switching the name from Christmas Tree Shops to simply CTS is not the only change this beloved network of stores has made, though. The company is now charging for bags at checkout -- if you don't bring your own, that is.

This week I noticed a sign while shopping at the Dartmouth CTS. It read, "BYO" but the abbreviation had nothing to do with booze.

Courtesy Jill Lemieux
Courtesy Jill Lemieux

Now, you can go the easy route and either bring a reusable tote from home. If that doesn't work, you have options. You can ask for a paper bag, 10 cents each. If you're not a fan of paper bags and would like something with a little more support to it, then you can purchase a CTS reusable tote for $2 each.

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For some shoppers, this is an easy transition, but for others, such as myself, I'm going to have a real tough time remembering to bring bags. I'm not one to splurge while shopping, so the worst-case scenario would be to dig deep for a dime.

Should other stores begin implementing this rule? If it means reducing the amount of plastic waste in the world and chopping down fewer trees, then I'm 100% on board.

It's a time of change for CTS, which announced a while back it was rebranding and planning to open 15 new locations.

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