What you're about to read is not "fake news."

While shopping around at BJ's Wholesale Club the other day in Dartmouth, I came across a heavenly find that I simply had to share with everyone: a giant box of White Claw Hard Seltzer that only costs $25.49.

Those who are only familiar with the average packaging of this product know that the largest count is 12 seltzers per box. Well, this one has 24 in it, doubling what you would normally find in most liquor stores.

What a score of a find this was.

In 2019, the trendy hard-seltzer adult beverage known as White Claw has been a viral sensation in the world of booze.

Basically, if you didn't jump on the Claw train, then you missed out on a wild summer. Although there are multiple other brands that have entered the world of spiked seltzer such as Truly, Smirnoff, Henry's and Bon & Viv (the can with the mermaids on it, holding a trident), it appears that White Claw has been the "go-to" drink.

Honestly, at first, I was all set with the canned cocktail and refused to join the bandwagon.

"There are no laws with the Claws" became a meme, and I thought man, what a stupid internet-crazed slogan to give to something (created by the fan base, not the manufacturer). Nothing like promoting recklessness and irresponsibility at the same time.

However, the gimmick was enough to pull me in and see what the big fuss is about, and since then I have been hooked on these "healthier option" beverages.

So, what do I want for Christmas this year? I think I just found the perfect gift.

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