The Gracia Family of New Bedford is currently in a homeless situation and unfortunately not all living together.

David Gracia (known by most as Papa Gracia) has two children – Ashley, 12-years old, and David or “DJ,” 13-years old – who are both living in their grandmother’s small apartment. Although David is currently awaiting approval for a Section 8 housing apartment, hoping that his luck will finally take a positive turn, life was not always easy. The past spring and summer, he was living and sleeping out of his truck at his work, with nowhere to go until he finally found a small space in the living room with his children at the grandmother’s house.

Sadly, although they have a place to stay, there’s no room for privacy between a teen, a young girl and a grown man living in a small room. The three of them do not have beds to sleep on, only a couch and floor space, making it extremely uncomfortable.

The family has been without a home to call their own for over a year. They stayed in their last place for about seven years until they lost their apartment. David and the children were living with a friend and the house was under his name, but when he moved out, the Gracias had to follow suit quickly and without warning. This had been the children’s home they grew up in for a majority of their lives. 

Even with most of their belongings and furniture being held in a storage facility, the family is still without certain necessities such as beds, dressers, a couch, and a kitchen table. David is struggling to pay almost $300 per month to keep what little he has in storage.

Gazelle/Townsquare Media
Gazelle/Townsquare Media

David’s truck is getting old and the payments are building up. Again, this was his home for half a year and he used it to survive. Working two jobs, every single day, he was forced to sleep in his truck. He’d work an overnight job, sleep a little, and then go to his day job with a full night’s rest just to make ends meet.

The Gracias are living life with basic essentials, but the kids are growing quickly and their clothes are becoming too small for them. David works night and day for his kids just to make sure they get by, one day at a time, just searching for the right opportunity to better the life for his family with what little they have.

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