There are plenty of historic homes on the market in Massachusetts, but only one we could find with its own jail cell.

The remarkably restored Town Hall turned private home on 23 Green St. in Kingston has just that — and then some.

Owners of this 1841 former Town Hall have remodeled the 3,252-square-foot structure into a three-bedroom, three-bathroom beauty of a house, with lots of fun features.

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Those features include using the building's old wall safes as closets and keeping the board of selectmen, treasurer and assessor's office doors in the home.

Renovators changed none of the building's Greek Revival exterior, so it still looks like a Town Hall to many driving by.

Inside is nothing like the original building, however. Offices have been turned into sitting rooms and bedrooms, public bathrooms are now luxurious private commodes and community center space is now an open kitchen/dining room.

Yet there is still plenty of space for a new owner to make their own mark on this long-standing property.

The attic is 540 square feet of open space, not to mention the 3,014 square feet of unfinished basement where the home's jail cell sits.

Keep scrolling to see the stunning updates made to this one-of-a-kind home and picture what you would do with the remaining open space.

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