UPDATE 9AM - Five digital highway construction signs in New Bedford and Dartmouth were apparently hacked last nigh

One of the signs located just after Exit 13 on 195 Eastbound in New Bedford read "HILLARY 4 PRISON", with another sign on Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth near the Dartmouth Mall reading "TRUMP 4 PRESIDENT."

Jacqueline Goddard with MassDOT says other signs with altered messages, some of them sexually explicit, were seen near Hawthorne Medical on Faunce Corner Road, on 140 South in New Bedford and 195 West in New Bedford.

Goddard tells WBSM News the signs are operated by an independent contractor. The signs can be remotely accessed with the proper credentials.

Goddard says Massachusetts State Police are investigating.


ORIGINAL STORY 5:47AM - At least two MassDOT digital highway signs were apparently "hacked" last night, displaying one politically motivated message and another based on an internet meme.

One of the signs located just before Exit 15 on 195 Eastbound in New Bedford read "HILLARY 4 PRISON" and was captured in a picture just before 10pm Wednesday night. The altered sign alludes to a movement that advocates for the prosecution and imprisonment of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for the improper use of a private email server where she received classified information during her time as Secretary of State.

Another MassDOT sign located at Faunce Corner Road in Dartmouth had been changed to echo a popular internet meme dealing with the shooting death of Harambe the Western lowland gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo in May of 2016.

Ksea Rizzuto/Facebook

It's also not clear at this time who may have been responsible for the altered messages.

MassDOT officials have been made aware of the incidents and are working to change the messages on the signs back to their original wording.