There's a contest where you and a friend ride in style to Boston and stay at a 4-star hotel along with a pizza party and brews with 3 of our favs!

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are having a "friend date" with Tom Brady and want you to join them!

Just by donating $10, you get up to 100 chances to win a pizza party with Matt, Ben, and Tom. $25 gets you 250 entries to win and a digital thank you card from the guys. Donate $50, and that'll get you 500 entries and BFF bracelets. If you donate $100 you get 1,000 entries and a Boston t-shirt. The donations options go all the way up to $20,000 with a signed football and jersey. Not only will you get to meet and eat with them, you'll get to talk about football, movies and life with some of New England’s finest exports. AND, you'll get to be put up in a 4-star hotel!

You'll be helping out organizations by donating like the Eastern Congo Initiative (ECI), founded by Ben Affleck to help support Congolese-led solutions in a country recovering from the world's deadliest conflict since WWII. Another organization you'll be helping is, founded by Matt Damon and Gary White which help develop and deliver solutions to the global water crisis. The last organization involved in the contest donations will help with is the TB12 Foundation which is a non-profit organization that provides free access to the best available rehabilitation and performance enhancement services to young American athletes.

But you've got to hurry and sign up now because there's only 26 days left! You can donate and sign up  here.

Additional Reporting By: Mikaylee McEwan

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