A strange sight on Hathaway Road in New Bedford this afternoon. You may have seen an ABC dumpster sitting in front of LePage and Son's Roofing at roughly 1 p.m. and thought, "That looks a little out of place."

You weren't alone. We received a number of calls from curious drivers wondering why the dumpster was sitting in the middle of the busy New Bedford street.

One of the drivers behind the truck told us exactly what he saw. 

"The can (dumpster) was in one of the lanes heading up Hathaway Road from the intersection where McDonald's and Cumberland Farms are," said Joe Rezendes. "I've got a feeling it bounced off or it started to bounce off. It was hanging off the truck, and so he dropped it onto the street to put it down to straighten it out. The dumpster was upright."

Courtesy of Joe Rezendes
Courtesy of Joe Rezendes

Several ABC workers were dispatched to the scene to assist in repositioning the dumpster back onto the truck. 

"I've got a feeling (the driver) was having a bad day, and that was the best place to dump it," said Rezendes. "The poor guy was having all kinds of problems with the cable coming out.  Luckily, the ABC headquarters was right around the corner."

The dumpster was only on Hathaway Road for roughly 15 minutes. There was no trash inside the dumpster, so no there was no need to pick up any loose garbage.

Back in January, a dumpster fell off of an ABC Disposal truck the day after miles and miles of trash was strewn along I-195 when an ABC Disposal truck's rear door malfunctioned.

Management at ABC Disposal could not be reached for comment.

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