Once again, National Single Awareness Day has arrived, a.k.a. Valentine's Day—but who cares?

Let's keep it real here, Valentine's Day is a nonsense Hallmark holiday. It's a trick to get everyone to waste a ton of money on their significant other, just because everyone else is doing it today. It's nonsense. If you're not willing to do this stuff on any day, then who cares if you do it on the one day Hallmark tells you to?

Let's also not ignore the fact that it really puts a nail in the heart of all those people that are single. It's a stark reminder that single people are alone. It's a whole day of love and couples all over the TV. They're all in the restaurants. It's all over social media. What can single people do today?

Well, there are a few other national holidays you can celebrate today.

It's National Organ Donor Day! This is kind of not the best thing to celebrate instead of Valentine's Day, but hey it's something to take your mind off all the rom coms.

It's also National Ferris Wheel Day! Find you the nearest Ferris wheel and have at it! Maybe go watch a Ferris wheel documentary, if it exists.

It's National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day! It might be hard to find some cream-filled chocolates because of all the Valenti...you know what? Nevermind. Ignore this one.

Hopefully one of those other national days can add some fun to your single Valentine's Day celebrations.


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