Well, for some people the summer is full of vacations and long weekends. It's coming back from those long weekends and vacations that can be tough.

The post-vacation or traveling blues is a real thing. So how do you defend yourself from coming back from a vacation and being a Debbie-downer in the office? I tried to Google a cure, but apparently, there isn't one. Other than not going on vacation that is, and we all know that isn't happening.

However, I did find a few things that we can do to curb those blah feelings we get when coming back from vacation. I put together a list of a few things that have helped me:

1. Start planning your next trip now.

Usually, while I'm on vacation, I get really inspired to travel to other places. As soon as I get back, I start looking at where and what I want to do next. It helps to daydream and plan ahead, and have something to look forward to.

2. Share your vacation photos with your friends.

It sounds like I just want you to rub it in that you went on vacation and had a good time, but really, I've found this helps. Sharing your memories with those you care about usually allows your good vibes to rub off on them and makes them want to vacation, too. Sometimes I find that my friends end up on my next vacation and help me plan. No, posting on social media doesn't count. Having a meaningful exchange is the key to this one.

3. Don't return to work right away if you can help it.


This may be a tough one, but it's important. I would constantly plan my vacations to where I would end up back home at 9 p.m. the night before I go back to work. But then I found it's super important to allow yourself some time to get into your routine again before you return to work. This helped me get a workout in, a good day of laundry, and a good night's sleep or two.

Hope this helps with all the vacations and traveling you have planned this summer. I know it has helped me a ton. Also, this even works for staycations.

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