The 2019 RISE Women's Leadership Conference is a few weeks away and it could be the perfect place to finally learn more about your finances.

How financially literate would say you are? Are you planning for retirement? Saving up for your kids college education? Should you be?

These are questions lots of women ask and you can get answers to those and many others during the RISE Women's Leadership Conference at the Rhode Island Convention Center on September 19.

Knowing how to take control of your finances is something you definitely don't want to put off.

I watched my own mother struggle with deciding to retire because she just wasn't sure she could afford it. As a single mom to three kids, making ends meet was sometimes hard. And planning for her future wasn't exactly top of mind in the moment.

I'm glad to say it did become her focus and she is a happily retired lady, but it took some doing.

And if you can start on that path sooner rather than later, I'd say do it.

The first step could be talking with other women and learning from women working in financial institutions about your personal wealth and how to best control it.

And strategies for financial security is just one of the many topics for discussion during the 2019 RISE event.

There will be 55 panelists and four keynote speakers on a range of topics concerning women today.

Be there to hear them all by getting your tickets for this one-of-a-kind event at

Sponsored by: R.I.S.E. Women's Leadership Conference

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