On The FUN Morning Show we gave away another pair of tickets recently to One Direction's upcoming concert at Gillette Stadium. That lucky winner was a woman by the name of Charlene Silvia.

While we spoke with Charlene, on the show, she had mentioned that she was a mother of five. Of course, I joked that that was a lot of kids to have. She then told us that even though that is a lot of kids to have she is so happy to have them as she adopted each one, which I agree, is what's most important.

It turns out that another woman listening to our show heard the call and was deeply touched that Charlene had given these kids the home and family that they needed. This woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, actually had just bought tickets for one of the bands performances for her 16-year-old daughter and had ended up with four extras that she was planning on selling. After being moved by Charlene's brief story, this woman offered up her extra tickets to the Thursday, August 7 show, free of charge to Charlene.

It's acts of kindness like this that really give you hope. For this woman to just offer up her tickets to help out someone else, when she could make good money selling them, its just really heart warming.