Sometimes it's the little things in life that can make my day complete, especially exceptional customer service.

On September 12th, 2017 around 7:30 PM, I walked into the New Bedford Stop & Shop location at 438 Dartmouth St. I had just finished working out and was too tired to cook so I shopped for my usual rotisserie chicken (most times I can get multiple meals from one chicken). You can't beat the price for a healthy meal which is normally around 5 bucks, hence the "go-to" purchase.

As I was checking out, a young cashier by the name of Calvin scanned the chicken. I reached for my wallet and before I could pull out any cash, he immediately realized that the chicken was overpriced. Oddly enough, the sticker price said $9.99... almost double the price of waht I normally paid for one rotiserrie chicken.

He quickly apologized and told me he saw a mistake on the sticker price and reached out to his manager. I was asked to head over to the front desk and was quickly taken care of. The manager, Marissa, also apologized for the inconveince and gave me the chicken for no charge at all. I told her I didn't mind paying for whatever the original price was, but she insisted and simply said "It's on me, I'm sorry this happened to you".

Let me mention that this whole experience only lasted 3 minutes, it was very brief. The point to all of this is that Calvin could have just rung through the chicken, told me the price and I would have just assumed it was a heavier chicken or perhaps the prices were raised. Also, Marissa could have charged me for the real price of $4-5.99 and called it a day, but decided to take actions in her own hands to make sure my overall customer service experience was the best that it could be. Either way, I wasn't planning on any of this happening and could have just walked out those doors with an overpriced chicken in my hands.

That being said, I'd like to congratulate Calvin and Marrisa for not only your excellent customer serivce, but for also making my day.

It's the little things....

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