All over the world, more and more people are taking to the streets on Hoverboards, a two-wheeled Segway that assists and replaces walking all together. 

At 6'4" at 270 lbs. the Hoverboard was the last thing I thought I would want for Christmas. "I'm simply too large of a man for such a toy" I told myself, "There's no way i'll be able to ride this thing."

I was wrong.

With a little bit of motivation (okay, more like peer pressure) from my friends and locals passing by, I mustered up the courage to take one foot at a time, all the while wondering how much it's going to hurt to face-plant on the concrete sidewalk.

All it took was a little bit stability, balance and a leap of faith, but eventually got the idea of how the Hoverboard functioned and was blown away. I felt as if the board itself read my mind. If I thought the action or movement, the board would react to it instantly.

There are many different Hoverboards with different features and specs but this specific one was called a Sky Walker. Special thanks to Darren for teaching me! Blessed to have met a new friend.

Check out the video above!