Have you ever been invited somewhere out of town and wanted to bring a meaningful gift to present upon your arrival?  Gift giving is always fun, but sometimes you run into the maddening issue of trying to buy a gift for the person that has everything.  I particularly enjoy giving gifts that hold some sentimental value.

This is why I found a recent Facebook post from former New Bedford City Councilor, Dana Rebeiro, so interesting.  Rebeiro asked the Facebook universe "If you had to give a gift to symbolize New Bedford, what would you give?"  She followed that up with an, "I'm serious."

Rebeiro probably knew the "I'm serious" was necessary because all too often I see people from our area inexplicably go to a negative/jokey response.  The biblical verse about a prophet never being appreciated in his hometown can sometimes also reflect the hometown itself.  People can tend not to appreciate all that our hometown has to offer, until we don't live here anymore.

When I looked at the list that Facebook had created, I was encouraged.  The list that was crowd sourced was rich and thoughtful.  I thought it was worthy of sharing with the Fun 107 readers.  The next time you are looking to give a gift that represents New Bedford or her region, this might be a good place to start.

Dana Rebeiro is a Massachusetts Liaison for Vineyard Wind, focusing on community outreach and engagement for Vineyard Wind’s projects.  No word on what present Rebeiro chose to give or where it was being sent.

Gifts That Symbolize New Bedford

Want to give a gift that represents New Bedford? Here are some great ideas!

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