Yesterday afternoon, Jianna was told she was coming to FUN 107 with her family to pick up a "prize pack"...and she got the surprise of a lifetime!

Her family knew the real reason they were bringing Jianna to FUN was because she won tickets to see One Direction!!!  We had a contest this past weekend at the Kids Expo and Jianna was picked as the winner!

When Jianna and her family arrived, I played along, telling her she won a prize pack.  Then I surprised her with the tickets and she was speechless!  Check out the video here:


Also, after Jianna and her family left the radio station, I got an email from her Mom that said this:  "Jianna got in the car and was jumping up and down, she is so happy!  She said its the best day of her life.  Thank you again! Fun 107 is the best!!"