As a newbie to the Southcoast this Friday will be my first time at the Feast of the Blessed Sacrament in New Bedford. And I am excited!

It also happens to be my first experience with Portuguese food. I know! What rock have I been living under!

But whatever the reason, I've never had authentic Portuguese food and I know this is going to be the event to have it at! So I need your help.

My plan is to try as much as I can and spend the entire five hours I get to broadcast live from the feast doing just that...feasting.

So what do I need to try?

After checking out the Portuguese Feast website I've got a good idea of what I'm going to want to have for sure. The cabra sounds really good, though I've never had goat before. I've also definitely got to eat a malassada or two and I'm assuming Madeira wine is going to be a must have as well. (Maybe once I'm off the air cause I hear it's pretty strong.)

But what would you suggest? I'm open to anything (I think) and would love to know what Portuguese foods are your favorite. Let me know what you think I should feast on this Friday in New Bedford for the Feast's 100th celebration!