Fort Phoenix has always had a view I never get sick of; it's basically my backyard and seeing it get this little upgrade may be the highlight of my nightly jogs for the next few weeks.

This summer I spent plenty of time taking in the natural beauty around me and trying my best to ward off the extra pounds that were inevitable for so many of us over the last few months by running around the fort.

Thank you to Beatrice Bruce who sent in the videos of them putting up the new sign and a photo of the final product. I can't wait to get out of work tonight and take a look at it in person.

Gary Lavalette of the Fairhaven Historical Commission told me that the sign has been in the works for about three months.

"It was hard finding someone to do this type of work," he said. "This was a project using CPC (Community Preservation Committee) money to enhance the entrance to Fort Phoenix. As a member of the Fairhaven Historical Commission, I always wanted to provide a grand entrance to the fort."

I think it's a nice addition. So many people come to take pictures at the fort and now they have a sign they can stand in front of to show where they are, perfect for posting photos on Instagram. Get ready, I'll probably have a few pictures with the new sign coming soon myself.

So maybe this new sign isn't saving the world or changing anyone's life but it's still something that can bring the Fairhaven community together. I'm here for it.

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