For the past 10 years, Fun 107 has been proud to help promote Dunkin's very important Iced Coffee Days, and for good reason. Thanks to you, Dunkin' has been able to donate over $2 million to Hasbro Children's Hospital in Providence.

As is the case with so many other things, this year will be different. Normally, we celebrate Dunkin's Iced Coffee day in May. In 2020, though, we were locked down pretty tight in May. It's great to see that Dunkin' is making it happen in August.

It's very easy to participate. All you need to do is to swing into the Dunkin' drive-thru at some point today. Buy as many iced coffees as you can, because for every Dunkin' iced coffee sold, Dunkin' will donate $1 to Hasbro Children's Hospital. That means you can feel good that you're helping kids just by drinking a delicious Dunkin' iced coffee today.

After you get your iced coffees, make sure you post about it on your social media accounts. Get that picture of your holding your iced coffee and put the hashtag #IceDD4Hasbro. Someone who does that is going to win Dunkin' coffee for an entire year! You'll also get the chance to win some Dunkin' prize packs.

“All of us at Dunkin’ are proud to continue the tradition of Iced Coffee Day in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts,” said local Dunkin’ business owner Rob Batista. “In what has been an exceptionally difficult year, the doctors, nurses, patients – everyone – involved with Hasbro Children’s have been nothing short of heroic. We’re looking forward to August 26 to further show our support, and we encourage all of our valued guests to join in!”

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