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Maddie, Gazelle and I attended one of the Friends of Jack Foundation's Black Tie Galas this weekend. It was one of four socially distanced, small, outdoor events held in lieu of their one major gala that normally draws between 600-700 guests.

Truthfully, I don't always love to go to these types of fundraisers, but I found myself really looking forward to this one after going six months without being at an event of any kind. I went the tux route with Main Street Formals, and just before I left, I had an idea.

I went back upstairs into my dresser and found the cufflinks that were left to me after my grandfather died. Even though my grandfather died decades ago, I think I've only worn these cufflinks on one other occasion.

As I put them on, I had a moment of hesitation: what if I lose one at the event? I would be so upset. I weighed the risk and decided to wear them. What was the point of owning this memory of my grandfather if I never wore them, and when would there be a more appropriate event to break them out?

During dinner, they served as a conversation piece, and I was proud to own such a memory. It sounds corny, but I almost felt as if my grandfather was with me at the fundraiser Saturday night.

As I was writing this article, I was trying to remember how long it had been since my grandfather had died, so I looked on my Ancestry family tree. It took me back a bit when I realized that he had passed away 30 years ago this week.

Thirty years later, I felt closer to him somehow by wearing his cufflinks. I thought about how happy he'd be to know that he was remembered at dinner Saturday night 30 years after his death.

If you own any family relics, do you use them? If not, you should! I was so happy that I did. They are now safe and sound back in my dresser.

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