Getting kicked out of the house is tough. Maybe you peed on the carpet a few times, but that shouldn't be enough to get put on the streets.

ABC News reported a male shar-pei named Kai was abandoned at a train station in Scotland earlier this month.

The two year-old doggy is apparently very playful and great to be around, so maybe the owner just couldn't afford the little guy anymore.

Still though, putting poor Kai up for adoption is better than dropping him off somewhere. Even though they left him with a suitcase full of dog stuff, like a bowl, food, pillow, and a toy, the owners will be charged if found. They could even face a lifetime ban for owning animals.

Kai had a microchip that told officials his name and one past owner. When contacted, the person said he sold Kai in 2013, but has no information on the new owner.

Until they find a new owner for him, Kai will stay at the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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